Pterosaurs exhibit at LA Natural History Museum

8 Sep

Birdly has evolved

26 Aug

It seems plausible that this technology will continue to evolve and ultimately be instrumental in dismantling some of the last barriers to personal flight.   The interface between physical movement and virtual response is intriguing.

3D-Printed Bat Robot from UIUC

18 Apr

Paravelo – flying bike

8 Apr

New Raffaello D’Andrea on TED

26 Mar


29 Feb

Boston Dynamics – Atlas Humanoid Robot

26 Feb

Flight of the Sea Snail

24 Feb

They ‘fly’ underwater in a manner very similar to dipterans and again, scientists are looking to model their movements with small robots.

Wing In Ground UAV with membrane wings

19 Feb

This drone has bat-like wings that morph with changing air conditions

Yves and Vince on Conan

18 Jan


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