Photo from NCAS president, Joe Meche

Yesterday was interesting. While getting ready to leave for school, my thoughts drifted momentarily to the model GBH that has been laying idle for some months now. Generous assistance has come in from Talos Perdix and I have a clear series of steps ahead that I’m confident will result in curved shafts with the degree of whip and strength required. In the early morning light, I resolved to get cracking on that set of rectrices at 2.3x, just as the rest of the flight feathers are. I was thinking of how herons use their tails in flight, how SmartBird uses its tail, and how the model heron’s feathers could be ‘wired’ to both fan out and retract as needed. As the school day ended, I was stunned to see this photo appear in my inbox in from Joe Meche, president of the North Cascades Audubon Society. He regularly posts excellent quality images of the birds he spots around Whatcom county to a listserve, but never have I seen an image that shows GBH rects in such vivid detail. Thank you for permitting me to post this Joe!

Great Blue Heron in flight over Whatcom creek by Joe Meche

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