1 day til Equinox.

We’ve been under the gray cloud for several weeks with hardly a break but spring is almost here. Western tanagers, Olive-sided flycatchers, Swainson’s thrushes, Wilson’s warblers and, just when you thought all those puddles would surely merge into one enormous lagoon, rising barometric pressures will soon return. Watch the Awesome Flight of The Great Blue Heron through this series of pictures at Steve Creek Outdoors and incorporate it into your understanding of what we can do with robotics. This kind of flight can be modeled on a human scale safely, without a huge amount of technical innovation and with miniscule additional energy requirements. Jarno Smeets has shown this. We just need more control over the wing surface area, greater skeletal range of motion, some code driven flight algorithms (such as those used in Pascal Martinelli’s model recently featured on Human Birdwings) and someone like ‘Ostrich legs’ Russ Tedrake at MIT to help with work on the landing gear.  West coast, East coast, and all points in between: philanthropists, innovators, art-lovers, environmentalists, lovers of nature, this is an idea whose time has come. We need big change, now.

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