Icarus Had a Sister

3 thoughts on “Icarus Had a Sister

    1. Hi Tom, Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’ve been busy with science teaching and family and such, but have enjoyed watching you learn to fly in a new mode during these last couple of years. I’m working on a bio-inspired flight curriculum for my master’s degree. Should be done in the next few weeks. Things are coming along, just far slower than is needed. Any new developments on your end?

      1. Happy Holidays to you and the family Karl. Yes, I’m really enjoying being back in the air again. It’s been pretty all consuming. It really reminds me of how accessible that third dimension, aviation really is with the simplest extensions to our bodies. A few square meters of fine fabric and string is all it takes to step into a world you can share with the birds. Did you see my fb post about thermaling with the Bald Eagle? How cool is that. Only a few people can say they got to do that for reals.

        We’re going into winter here so flying will slow down in the Magic Valley, but I have plans to fly south again this year. I hope to get down to South Florida in January to visit a new tow operation near Lake Okeechobee and possibly get to do some Condo soaring at the beach. Later in Feb, I want to go down to Costa Rica and join my friends there for some flying and maybe some surfing too.

        Good luck with your masters project. I’ll be interested to see how it comes out.

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